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EYES INTM beauty: News from the World's Innovative Creators & Their Masterpieces | Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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Vapour Organic Beauty is 21st Century Skin Care

USA- Taos, NM | Jan 8 2013 | (23:03:17 - EDT)

Vapour Organic Beauty is a prestige beauty company revolutionizing the luxury beauty market with its innovative delivery system, unparalleled skin affinity and sophisticated, rich color artistry.

In a market filled with thousands of similar beauty products distinguished only by packaging and branding, Vapour Organic Beauty radiates as the first truly 21st Century beauty brand. Vapour’s range of high-performance cosmetic and skincare products utilize a breakthrough new delivery system – not a powder, liquid or cream, but a unique formulation that imparts a light-as-air texture while providing nourishing skin treatment benefits and bold mineral color.

The Vapour difference starts with its signature therapeutic treatment base of certified organic, light, dry plant oils that are non-comedogenic. To that proprietary base, specific certified organic botanical infusions formulated with targeted benefits are added for deep moisture and antioxidant protection.

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Pure mineral pigments are dispersed in the base of the cosmetics, creating a breathable layer that moves with the skin instead of lying flat and lackluster. This movement allows for a delicate play of light that appears completely seamless with natural skin, heightening its natural radiance.

Vapour Organic Beauty is indeed the next generation of mineral cosmetics.

Each Vapour cosmetic or skin treatment glides on effortlessly, blends easily with fingers or brushes and remarkably enhances the skin without any heavy or occlusive ingredients. In addition, Vapour has formulated virtually all of its products in a convenient stick form for precision application, portability and ease of use

The Vapour revolution could not have been founded without the joining of two beauty industry forces – an artisanal cosmetic laboratory and Eric Sakas, a celebrity makeup artist. The union began when Eric received an unlabeled cosmetic sample and was impressed by the performance, texture and finish, he was compelled to track down the manufacturer right away. With a 15-year career in the beauty industry that included co-founding Kevyn Aucoin Beauty and serving as Director of Color for Philosophy, Eric understood this was an exceptional formula unlike any beauty line currently on the market.

Eric was thrilled when he located the small, remote New Mexico-based lab and learned that these effective, prestige quality formulations were also made by a company that stayed true to its eco-friendly promises. Vapour refused to compromise, selecting only certified organic and food grade ingredients. Together, they were able to not only masterfully blend the simplest of ingredients into luxurious formulations, but create the large palette and professional range of products that Eric knew were necessary for today’s beauty needs. This unity of alchemy and art resulted in the refined and flawlessly developed collection of color cosmetics and skin treatment products that is Vapour.

Best of all, Vapour considers its commitment to organic ingredients and sustainable practices the new standard. Vapour Organic Beauty has developed these incredible products to be 100 percent natural and chemical free with a minimum of 70 percent certified organic ingredients. Each luxury formulation utilizes the purest, food-grade and certified organic ingredients to offer maximum efficacy and luxurious texture while respecting the environment and its resources. From the raw materials to the final packaging, each step in the process adheres to responsible practices, including utilizing wind power and sourcing recyclable and renewable packaging materials.

With the launch of both a full color collection and powerful treatment line, women and men have the ability to enhance, even transform their look while aiding in the health of their skin. Finally, the revolutionary breakthrough the beauty world had been waiting for – the fusion of health and beauty.


Vapour products are available online at,, and select retailers worldwide

Source: Vapour Organic Beauty


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