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EYES INTM Photography: News from the World's Innovative Creators & Their Masterpieces | Sunday, August 31, 2014
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Photography as Art with Ellie Photo

USA- Ashburn, VA | Jan 17 2013 | (23:05:10 - EDT)

The professionals at Ellie Photo provide beautifully captured family photos, portraits, commercial work, and wedding albums.

Previous works in all of these categories are showcased in their galleries, which are conveniently divided into four sections to showcase each of these areas of photography. Ranging from quiet and thought provoking to edgy and attention-grabbing, subjects are photographed in a variety of styles.

Movement is always dynamic, and every facial expression retains its realism. The photography always manages to capture life in motion as it is lived, showing both human vulnerability and human strength in its subjects. The interplay of light and shadow is crucial in many sepia works, while photographs printed in color provide fresh glimpses into the world as seen through the eyes of one who observes it closely.

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While the high artistic sensibilities of the photographer are clearly present in all of the works of the gallery, the professionals at Ellie Photo are very open to feedback and suggestions about their services. Amid a muted atmosphere ideal for the contemplation of their vivid visual work, the live chat option for service is the website feature that stands out the most. It is a gleaming reminder that customer satisfaction is very important to the team at Ellie Photo.

It’s clear that they take their photography very seriously, and their passion shines through in the blog portion of the website. It is a great resource for those who wish to improve their photographs. Posts provide seasonal tips for casual and professional photography, commenting on different light conditions and how they can affect the quality of a photo-taking session.

Enthusiasm for the technicalities of photography elevates each photograph to a blend of vision and skill. Various types of photography are spotlighted in the posts, showing the wide range of work that the team at Ellie Photo is capable of.

Ellie Photo is based in Northern Virginia, and offers a special holiday package to meet the needs of its customers. Professionally taken photos can be used in both Christmas and New Year’s greeting cards, which come in 100-card packages. As a bonus, a file of 10 photos is provided as a free gift to the customer.

Ellie Photo is run by Ellie Asemani, a professional photographer and graphic designer. The team at Ellie Photo includes Ellie, her husband Ali, makeup artists, and fashion designers that are all dedicated to capturing all of the special moments of life.

The team strives to provide a memorable experience to customers at their photo shoots. Ellie first developed her eye for beauty through the lens of a camera when she was a child living in Shiraz, Iran. This historical town gave her an eye through its abundance of lush gardens and historical landmarks, including the beautiful BaghehEram and Persepolis.

Later, she followed her passion for photography and gained her technical and artistic expertise while studying at the Corcoran College of Art and Design.

Source: Ellie Photo


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