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EYES INTM Travel: News from the World's Innovative Creators & Their Masterpieces | Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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Travel Adventures Honor Dr. Livingstone

USA- New York, NY | Jun 20 2013 | (22:51:23 - EDT)

The Africa Adventure Company announces a new tour to honor the bicentennial year of famed Victorian explorer, David Livingstone’s, birth. Modern-day adventurers follow in the footsteps of Europe’s best-known explorer of 19th century Africa. Many of Livingstone’s tours originated in Tanzania where one of his longest journeys occurred, a lesser-known fact as he’s most often associated with Victoria Falls. The travel adventures tour grants guests exposure to little-known, culturally rich regions of Tanzania as few have experienced since the days of Livingstone.

Departing from Tanzania’s ancient city, Dar es Salaam, the tour begins with a stay on mystical Zanzibar, an unspoiled island beloved by Livingstone and his contemporaries. Following the trail of sultans, slaves, and pioneers on tours through historic Stone Town’s narrow streets, visitors discover the secrets of Livingstone House, once a resting place for the world’s most famous explorers. From cloves to coffee, modern adventurers enjoy historic Tanzania by taste, sampling a culinary culture untested by time.

Following explorations of Zanzibar’s seafaring past and vibrant culinary roots, the journey continues in the Selous, Africa’s second largest game reserve. The Selous is home to over one million large and rare animals including elephant, black rhino, giraffe, African wild dog, and the colobus monkey of the Rufiji River. A stay at luxurious Sand Rivers Selous and a fly camping excursion provide a sense of the solitude Livingstone felt in the uninhabited Tanzanian wild of antiquity.

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After time in the bush, visitors arrive in the bustling port city of Kigoma for the famous site of Livingstone’s accidental meeting with Henry Stanley in nearby Ujiji town. Further excursions in East Africa include chimp trekking in Gombe or visiting the majestic Victoria Falls as named by Livingstone.

With a strong foundation rooted in Africa, the Africa Adventure Company’s reputation spans more than 26 years. Dedicated to crafting culturally sensitive trips of a lifetime, the Africa Adventure Company is committed to maintaining expertise of an ever-evolving continent.

About Africa Adventure Company

The Africa Adventure Company is an award-winning travel outfitter and leading Africa specialist known for its extensive portfolio of more than 75 travel adventures and safari trips to over 14 African countries. They pride themselves on planning personalized safaris of a lifetime with a commitment to sustainable tourism and eco conservation, while promoting camps that are symbiotic with nature and the community and offering exquisite game viewing with top notch guides. Their expert team of safari consultants have all traveled to Africa and strive to provide valued advice with a customized approach. The team is managed and directed by Mark and Alison Nolting, whose combined experience and knowledge of Africa is unsurpassed in the safari business. Mark is the author of Africa's Top Wildlife Countries, an award-winning guide book now in its 8th edition considered by the travel industry as the quintessential guide for planning a safari, and the African Safari Journal & Field Guide, a diary, phrase book, and wildlife guide, all in one.

Source: Africa Adventure Company

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