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EYES INTM Health: News from the World's Innovative Creators & Their Masterpieces | Monday, September 1, 2014
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Patricia Ruiz: Flying High at Moving Strength for Fitness

USA- New York City, NY | Mar 13 2014 | (00:00:40 - EDT)

Tired of going to the gym to do the same old routine? Getting results that are less than spectacular? Give yourself the gift of an individualized private training program that will get you fit, strong and healthy — fast. Moving Strength combines the most effective techniques offered by Pilates, yoga, weight training, Physio-balls, tubing and other modalities to provide the ideal workout for your body, to meet your individual needs and goals.

Private and semi-private training sessions are available at your home or office or at the Moving Strength Studios, an intimate yet fully-equipped space featuring Pilates Reformer, Chair and Cadillac springs, Resist-a-Ball, tubing and stability boards and rollers and more.

They train all ages and fitness levels and have extensive experience working with low-back, shoulder and knee injuries.

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Patricia Ruiz Combines Fitness Styles in Moving Strength

Even as a young girl, Patricia Ruiz was fascinated with what the human body is capable of, and how manipulating muscles and body parts can change its appearance and strengthen targeted areas.

Ruiz was born in small town Manhattan, Kansas. She graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dance and Pre-Physical therapy. A love of modern dance brought her to New York City, where for 25 years she performed with, choreographed for and taught at some of the city’s most renowned dance companies, including Michael Mao and H.T. Chen & Dancers.

But as she danced, Patricia realized that there was a great deal of wear and tear on her body. Dance requires strength, power and flexibility, so in order to enhance her own strength, she began to explore various training systems. She tried every fitness discipline available and mastered the most effective ones, finally developing her own program, the Moving Strength personal training system.

After earning certification as a Personal Trainer through the American Council of Exercise (ACE), Ruiz began training students privately. Her system combined the best of Pilates, yoga, TRX, weights and bands. She earned a certification in Healthy Moms Pre- and Postnatal training and after the birth of her first child 12 years ago, she began to specialize in pre/postnatal training. She trained her clients at their homes and gyms, and later in her own small Pilates studio. Before long, Rob Davidson, a dancer and highly sought-after Pilates trainer, joined the practice and with his help, Patricia was running an active fitness studio.

Fulfilling her dream, in 2005 Ruiz opened her first studio on East 81st. In 2011, she opened Moving Strength, an intimate but elaborately equipped storefront studio on East 82nd Street in New York, where seven days a week she offers private and semi-private training, and small group classes limited to only five students in each.

Word of mouth, great reviews and client referrals made Moving Strength an instant success. Ruiz’s carefully chosen 12 instructors teach a variety of classes every week, in addition to private and semi-private sessions. The trainers are experts in Pilates, TRX, physical therapy and yoga. Special attention is paid to the elderly and the injured.

TRX and FlyGym

TRX is a discipline conceived by U.S. Navy Seals and developed by Fitness Anywhere. TRX Suspension Training is a revolutionary system of exercise that leverages your body weight to build strength, flexibility, balance and mobility — all at the intensity you choose. It conditions the entire body safely and effectively, while continuously activating the core muscles to build strength, stability and balance. Small group classes and private sessions are available.

Then along came FlyGym, an innovative new fitness system which utilizes strong but comfortable supportive fabric slings that are suspended from the ceiling. FlyGym provides endless possibilities for aerial exercise. Moving Strength offers classes that combine suspension work with basic Pilates mat work or TRX to target muscles, while getting the brain to think outside its normal comfort zone.

Benefits of FlyGym

Just a few of the benefits of working out with FlyGym include:

-Deeper, more relaxing stretches (because you do not have to pull or force yourself into the stretch--you can just hang and relax!)
Strengthening of joints without impact or stress

-Spinal decompression

-Improvement in posture and muscular balance by lengthening and strengthening the muscles/tendons/ligaments with proper alignment.

-Incredible core strength

-Improvement in body awareness and the development of an appreciation for one’s body’s abilities.

Patricia was the very first trainer on the East side of NYC to incorporate FlyGym into her studio. Most of her trainers rushed to get their certification. They all wanted to fly and they knew their clients would, too. Sure enough, classes fill up quickly and there are waiting lists to get in.

FlyGym perfectly complements the other disciplines in the studio. Clients use the hammocks and aerial work to develop their core in a whole new way, changing their relationship to gravity, all while having a great time. Some even go into full suspension flying exercises! Fun!

There is a lot of intellectual discussion that goes on among the trainers at “Moving Strength” the studio’s official name. they exchange ideas and try to develop new and exciting exercises. One trainer is going to school to get licensed in physical therapy. Another studied with physiotherapists specializing in rehabilitation-based Pilates. Each has a unique quality, and Ruiz believes that is what makes the studio different.

Moving Strength is garnering attention in many quarters and was recently the subject of an article in IamNewYork. Word of mouth is spectacular and growing, and so is Moving Strength’s list of clientele. Moving Strength has now opened a studio on the West Side.

As for her dancing career, Patricia Ruiz was seen onstage with Martita Goshen, in “Returning Home,”.

Moving Strength

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