Challenging Perspectives: The Work of Richard Silver

EYES IN Magazine is pleased to announce Richard Silver, the celebrated travel photographer, as part of our featured creators in the 54th Edition. His fascinating perspectives and images of some of the world's most iconic places are sure to stun you. Enjoy here a clip from the article, and check him out on Instagram and Facebook, and read more of the article here.

We’re all familiar with the old—and true—adage that “perspective is everything,” but when it comes to the work of New York based travel photographer Richard Silver, his perspective really offers viewers everything. He cleverly takes images that could be labeled as common and transforms them in to high art, both with his keen eye and manipulation of modern technology.

For example, his Vertical Churches series which he began in 2011 captures the grandiosity of old architecture by offering it in a panoramic 180-degree viewing experience.

Few buildings are more ornate than the surviving churches of bygone eras, and most of us find them stunning. They are a trip back in time and offer a serenity that cannot be experienced in other structures. But Silver’s work in Vertical Churches makes the holy places of New York City an entirely different experience. Because of the way that he stitches together multiple shots from the center to the front and back of the structure, anywhere from 6 to 10 individual images, viewers are left seeing more than just the interior of an old church.

“Finding the perfect location in the center aisle then shooting vertically from the pew to the back of the church gives the perspective that only architecture of this style can portray,” says Silver.

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About Richard Silver

Richard Silver is New York born and bred (raised in Brooklyn and now lives in Manhattan), but to him, home is where his camera is. Richard has visited 76 countries and more than 226 cities in his life, traveling to 12 countries last year alone. Although his former career paths include everything from computer science, to Wall Street, to real estate in Manhattan, he’s always maintained his passion for photography and started shooting full time in 2011. Richard’s love for travel has afforded him many opportunities to shoot different cities and cultures. He loves iconic architecture, whether it’s ancient or modern, and is always focused on documenting beautiful structures in each new city he visits. Richard loves using techniques such as Tilt Shift, Vertical Panoramas and Time Slice to present our everyday world in an altered visual context. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the country, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Skyscraper Museum, LaGrange Art Museum and Krause Gallery in New York.

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Source: Richard Silver Photography 

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