'ARdictive' Revolutionizes Reality Story Telling

Eyes In Editor-In-Chief Vivian Van Dijk met with the economists and ARdictive founders Nils Hubner and Dr. Arwed Cruger at the Web Summit 2014 in Dublin. Their new venture will augment your reality experience and is more than innovative,  it will create not only a new experience, but also a new view on history and the future.  It was great to have met Nils and Arwed and to tap into their brilliant and innovative minds.

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Changing Your Reality Experience with ARdictive

Here are a few things that you need to know about ARdictive:

ARdictive has been selected by the European Investor Gate (EIG) as one of the 50 most investable startups in Europe!

EIG has chosen ARdictive to participate to the Silicon Stroll Bootcamp taking place in Dublin on 3rd and 4th November, 2014.

The Silicon Stroll Bootcamp will bring 50 of Europe’s most innovative and investable ICT start-ups to Dublin to meet with tech giants Google, PayPal and IBM after which they will go head to head in pitch battles to international investors.

The entrepreneurs are drawn from across Europe, featuring cutting edge ICT innovations and the next big things in technology.

Heres how ARdictive accomplishes such a unique experience in their own words:

'At ARdictive, we believe that by creating experiences that touch people in a playful and emotionally compelling way, we can make their experience of reality more meaningful and fun. We engage people by combining elements of augmented reality, storytelling, fun and play to enhance what people retain of their experiences and the information they receive. We like to apply this to forms ranging from mobile storytelling and gaming to mobile entertainment, immersive touristic experiences, learning, events and even to work.'

Keep your eye on ARdictive as it will definitley be the centerpiece for future reality experiences!

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Source: ARdictive

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