The EYES IN™ Society is an exclusive membership club open to the innovative creators interviewed by EYES IN™ Magazine. It is also open to others who are granted access into this exclusive EYES IN™ Society.

The founding principles of the EYES IN™ Society are to exist of people with an innovative mindset and/or who would like to be part of the innovative lifestyle that we support. EYES IN™ Society members can be hired by outside companies or individuals to take part in problem-solving cases via our online EYES IN™ Society Input system. Being an EYES IN™ Society member grants you access to exclusive events in the world and innovative human capital from different disciplines like the arts, design, science, fashion, photography, health, architecture, culinary arts and business. We are different than other membership clubs, in that our focus is to connect innovative and creative minds across the globe.

Our continual effort to connect EYES IN™ Society members together for strategic and fruitful interactions will form an elite network of brilliant minds that are not afraid to live in the present and help forecast and shape the future. Creative minds with an outlook on trends and a capability to analyze the impact and consequences is not to be under-rated in this society, as it possesses the power to move us all upward in civilization, stay economically successful, strive for a healthier life and planet, and—ultimately—the well-being of humankind on this earth.

EYES IN™ Society VIP Membership
This offers each member an exclusive interview and featured article with EYES IN™ Magazine's Editor-in-Chief Vivian Van Dijk, a permanent place on our Website under the EYES IN™ Society Membership page, access to the EYES IN™ Society Network of Innovative Creators, and an option to store products or services in our EYES IN™ Boutique. Being a member also offers you access to our exclusive events calendar so that you will know what to attend to enhance your innovative lifestyle opportunities.

EYES IN™ Society: Elite VIP Membership
This level of membership affords you the same privileges as the base membership, but also includes the press access to send up to 20 stories per year on your work, which will be featured on the EYES IN™ Website. This level also offers 5 one-on-one meetings with the EYES IN™ Society within our group of high profiled members, and access to our online database of EYES IN™ Society “brainstormers,” a unique way to garner input and ideas from your creative peers.

EYES IN™ Society: Platinum Elite VIP Membership
This highest level of membership includes all the privileges of the lower levels, but offers you an exclusive and permanent presence on our Website, as well as your feature article and interview being published in our EYES IN™ Society Year Book. This amount of catered social marketing will be enhanced up to 12 times per year.

Whether you work as a manager, politician, scientist, architect, artist or entrepreneur, you will be able to greatly benefit from our EYES IN™ Society’s brilliant minds and organized events (from seminars, to private dinners prepared by our top EYES IN Culinary Creators, to consults with a variety of EYES IN Creators about trends in our field, etc.).

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