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EYES IN Magazine has teamed up with the luxury real estate brand, Estate Peeking. Adem Lolovic is half owner of Estate Peeking together with Vivian Van Dijk, Editor-in-Chief of EYES IN Magazine.

Estate Peeking delivers banking and financial services, loan financing, such as mortgage, businesses and real estate and project financing, real estate brokerage, development, construction, interior design, engineering and architectural consulting, home staging consultation, and consultation for the purpose of making homes more appealing to prospective buyers.

Estate Peeking was started by Adem Lolovic & Vivian Van Dijk as a couple and now business partners to create a higher standard of financial services and real estate opportunities, while also being a source of funding for innovators and their ideas, as vetted through Van Dijk’s award-winning EYES IN™ Magazine.

As the owner and Editor-in-Chief of EYES IN™ Magazine, Vivian Van Dijk brings a special knowledge and appreciation for the finer aspects of luxury living and innovative design. She got her start in the world of real estate while she lived in London, where she flipped properties and decorated apartments throughout the city before she started her own publication that showcases her love of innovation, art and good design. Via EYES IN™Magazine and the vast array of celebrated architects, developers and designers who are a part of the EYES IN™ Creators Community, she has an extensive network of innovators who look to her company for viable funding.

Adem Lolovic boasts a long history working with a variety of financial institutions and also was a previous owner of multiple mortgage companies. Lolovic is still in the mortgage and real estate business, but now has access to higher finance sources, such as hedge funds. Lolovic originates business structures and prices deals to closing, oversees underwriting, and handles all the communication for complicated and large business dealings. Lolovic has been a top producer in his field and has won many awards. He has a proven track record of being a motivational speaker in the financial field for large audiences.

Lolovic and Van Dijk are currently in the process of setting up the planning of a center for the homeless that will provide multiple services for them, such as therapy, job placement, make-overs, etc.

Together with Van Dijk, Lolovic established Estate Peeking as a unique resource for high-end real estate projects and the funding of innovative ideas around the world. A dream come true for both of them.

To share an innovative creator with Vivian and for all requests and information on the EYES IN™ Magazine website, or to contact Vivian Van Dijk or Adem Lolovic for Estate Peeking, please email press releases and updates/invitations