An African Election Exposes Twisted Politics

Many exciting things have been happening since the Political Safari tours wrapped in Ghana and Kenya. T

he crew of “An African Election” recently returned from Madagascar, where they successfully launched another Political Safari tour in partnership with the European Center for Electoral Support and the European Union to support the electoral processes for the upcoming presidential elections.

Together with local stakeholders, they have built an amazing team to deliver capacity building workshops for civil societies, the media, students, the staff of the electoral commission, and citizens. For this purpose, “An African Election has been translated and dubbed into Malagasy”.

While there, they also had the opportunity to travel around this exceptional island, working with talented young local filmmakers to film a documentary on Madagascar’s people and the challenging electoral processes.

“An African Election” Available Now on iTunes”

One very big announcement they want to share with you is that now, “An African Election” is available commercially for digital download in the U.S. on iTunes via The Sundance Institute. This is a very big step for us and we hope that the release will create more avenues to positively impact the building of democracy in Africa and beyond. They are also releasing the soundtrack from the film via their own record label – Urban Republic Records.

Statement from Director Jarreth Merz:

“The journey of this film continues to surprise me over and over. Was I prepared for this? No! I thought that after 4 years since the release I would be releasing my next film. Never did I dream of the social and political impact ‘An African Election’ would have. I have been most fortunate to travel, learn, and see with my own eyes what is out there. And so, the film continues its journey.”

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