Dear Creator,

Your creative work and commitment to your talent inspires others. It inspires me! And I would like to help you stay focused on your inspiration by offering my EYES IN™ Talent Management services to you.

I know the mental and emotional effort it takes to create. It is no small task. You need focus, inspiration, space, energy and time to recharge. Most of all, you need someone who fiercely believes in you and your work, someone who can be that voice to draw out greater potential, support you as you build your legacy and help you manage the future of your passion.

I am ready to invest my time and energy into your achievement because I know that your business and/or personal brand is bound for success AND the growth coming to you is immeasurable. I am ready to make myself that strong support to ensure that the expansion of your brand remains a pleasant and satisfying experience for you, and not one that feels labor intensive, burdening or becomes a hindrance to your true passion.

As your personal talent manager together with my EYES IN™ Team, I can help you strategically maneuver the business deals of the future, connect you to influential individuals in your market, and cultivate your creative energy toward a promising future that helps you achieve all that is in your mind to realize.

I would love to sit down with you to learn more about what you would like to see happen with your brand and discuss how a collaboration with EYES IN™ Talent Management can help you toward that goal.

And if you would like, you could also consider our various levels of PR offerings. Our EYES IN™ Magazine (Digital) PR, a service of the award-winning EYES IN™ Magazine, presents to you a unique audience that stems from our well-established position in media outlets around the world, enabling us to help propel your business forward.

Below you can find our EYES IN™ PR Services in PDF-Brochures per Creator discipline.

In case you like to use our EYES IN™ Talent Management Service a personal plan within your budget will be made for you. Looking forward to start working with you,

Best wishes,

Vivian Van Dijk

Founder & President EYES IN Media Group