John Giovanni asked me to express his gratitude and to tell you how truly honored he is to be featured in Eyes In. You and your team did a fantastic job, not only with this article but on the entire creation of Eyes In. We all enjoy reading it here… On behalf of everyone here at Slopes to Sands Dream Vacation Homes, we would like to thank you again and express how grateful we are that you have honored John Giovanni and his creations in Eyes In.

Scott A. for John Giovanni, EYES IN™ Magazine Featured Creator, August, 2014

I want to thank you deeply for this beautiful article. It has been a great pleasure to meet you in the first place and it is wonderful to now see the outcome of that special moment. I am looking forward to collaborate further

Cecilia Dupire, EYES IN™ Magazine Featured Creator, May, 2020

We wanted to thank you for the great article you wrote after visiting our Bellota­Bellota® store. It was a pleasure for Philippe to welcome you this week end. We appreciate your post and we’ll keep you posted on our new products and initiatives.

Aurore S. for Chef Philippe Pouchalon, creator of Bellota-Bellota® and EYES IN™ Magazine Featured Creator, 2018

Was a great pleasure talking to you yesterday, you are a great interviewer! Looking forward to seeing this posted.

Daniel Canogar, EYES IN™ Magazine Featured Creator, March, 2019

Thank you so much for recognizing the work of Mayors. Your article is on the money!

Manuel A. Diaz, Former Mayor of Miami, Florida, in the list of 50 most influential Latino Leaders in America and EYES IN™ Magazine Featured Creator, 2013

The gallery just sent me you[r] truly finely produced article on my work. I’ve professional I’ve never seen a better example of professional journalism. I proud to have this association with EYES IN

Lee Waisler, EYES IN™ Magazine Featured Creator, 2013

The Article is fantastic!!! Thanks so much for this wonderful piece. And I appreciate your quote in the article so much, that was so kind of you to write : ) I’ll be proud to share the feature whenever it’s ok to do so. You can just let me know whenever it’s online and I’ll promote it. This made my day, thank you so very much.

Vincent Castiglia, EYES IN™ Magazine Featured Creator

WOW!!!! Thank you soooooo much!! I love the article, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate it. Will make sure we keep you posted on our tour…

Chef Hugu Uys, EYES IN™ Magazine Featured Creator, May 2020

hello! it looks amazing! thanks so much!!! wonderful stuff! very best, alex

Alex VanGelder, EYES IN™ Magazine Featured Creator, April, 2020

Thank you very much for coming to our show, and for sending over the wonderful feature on the Issey Miyake Autumn Winter 14 Women’s show! Thank you for your lovely review and for including us in your page, I look forward to seeing you at our next show!

Veronica H. for Issey Miyake, EYES IN™ Magazine Featured Creator, March, 2014

Thank you. Your magazine is very good. It is informative, eclectic, contemporary and has a unique vibrancy. This vibrant energy, I feel, is a reflection of yourself. You certainly get about the world ­ Wherever you are, may the stars shine on you…

Robin Marchesi, EYES IN™ Magazine Featured Creator, January, 2014

Thanks so much for the very lovely review of Living Downstream that appears online today. I was deeply flattered by the kind words about myself and my work. It really has made my day.

Chanda Chevannes, EYES IN™ Magazine Featured Creator, 2021