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EYES INTM General: News from the World's Innovative Creators & Their Masterpieces | Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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About EYES IN™

As a publisher of the world’s innovative creators and their masterpieces, EYES IN™ spotlights innovation in fields of architecture, art, beauty, books, culinary arts, culture, design, fashion, film, finance, health, music, photography, real estate, science, technology and travel. It's a must read for anyone who wants to stay informed on global trends, upcoming and celebrity creators in these areas. EYES IN™ delivers a state-of-the-art visual experience into the minds and works of the most stunning creators. EYES IN™ releases digital publications once per month via the EYES IN™ app on the Apple Newsstand as well as on the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook,  Sony eReader, Kobo eReader and more. Readers can purchase EYES IN™ issues for $2.99 a per edition or $23.88 for a yearly subscription. Future expansion of EYES IN™ includes the exploration of multitudes of artistic arenas appropriate for both children and adults. These advancements will allow EYES IN™ to provide readers with information about anything and everything interesting in fields of innovation at the click of a mouse, touch of a stylus, or swipe of a finger. For now, EYES IN™ is committed to an offline and online publication. EYES IN™ is interested in any product or service that can be developed or implemented to allow us to more closely monitor innovations for our audience.  


Vivian - New York City, New York   EYES IN™ is published by EYES IN™ Corp. in New York and is owned by Editor-in-Chief Vivian Van Dijk, an inspirational and multi-faceted individual. With design and fashion education from the London College of Fashion and Saint Martin’s College for Art and Design, also in London, Van Dijk has a plethora of fashion and design knowledge. Taking her knowledge of design and fashion to the masses, van Dijk became an interior decorator and designer – but not before she earned a Master’s Degree in Psychology and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Now combining all of her experience, education, and love for the arts, Van Dijk is producing a solid, sophisticated publication that touches the aesthetics of the arts and the hearts of numerous art lovers together with the other members of the EYES IN™ Team.   More personally, as a child growing up in an artistic family in the business of arts, Vivian learned from a young age to appreciate how creative disciplines can benefit the innumerable people involved in the arts. Even as a child, witnessing the arts, artists, brands, companies and institutions educating one another to create and enjoy more future arts innovations, Vivian realized that both national and international movements in the arts influenced other artists to produce additional arts movements. Now, as an adult acknowledging this fluidity and influence of arts movements, Vivian sees a need for EYES IN™ to keep following global movements and trends so that readers, creators, artists and companies are aware of the innovations in the arts, design, society and culture and the beauty it can bring us. Because art is timeless and inspiration borderless. Aspiration will always follow. To contact Vivian Van Dijk directly, please email For all requests and information on the EYES IN™ website please email As a collective editorial and technical team, EYES IN™ hunts for creative, fresh, interesting, and most importantly, innovative news. Sharing these developments, through state-of-the-art print and digital presentations, is our top priority. EYES IN™'s innovation also focuses on the art, design and lifestyle changes that are brought along with it. We present this innovative content in the most vibrant way with an aim to the make the readers enjoy our work while keeping them informed about the latest happenings. Do you know of any innovative creators the EYES IN™ team can feature or have any questions about our publication? Feel free to use our contact form.  


Neal - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   Neal Henry is a graphic artist with an Associate's degree in Commercial Art from the Erie County Vocational School and a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design. He is a painter at heart art, and design has been an integral part of his my life. Neal is always aspiring to promote arts in younger generations and to expand himself and his work. Neal Henry's dedication to perfecting his work "knows no bounds."


Cari CooneyCari - Bettendorf, Iowa Cari Cooney was born, raised, and now resides in Bettendorf, Iowa. After attending Iowa State University and earning a Bachelor of Science in English Literature, she didn’t feel like settling for any old desk job. She began freelance writing after her graduation in 2006 and never looked back. She is thrilled to be with the EYES IN™ family, because she gets the opportunity to increase her knowledge on several of her favorite subjects: art, photography, and beauty innovations. When she isn’t at her computer desk, she’s enjoying time with her husband and daughter, or showing off her skills as a face painting artist at various events in her area.
Jennifer WagnerJennifer - Erie, Pennsylvania Jennifer Wagner is a full-time mom to two incredible little boys, wife of a Marine Corps. Veteran and  blogger and aspiring author of young adult and children’s fiction. She graduated from Mercyhurst University in 2004, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and concentrated in both professional and creative writing. She is eager to embark on a new journey with EYES IN™ as an editor, and is excited to expand her love and knowledge of books, film and music. When Jennifer isn’t working, she is playing Star Wars or Mario Bros. with her boys, baking chocolate goodies or devouring a fantastic young adult fiction novel.
  Darcy bio pic Darcy - Virginia Beach, Virginia
Darcy currently hails from the glorious resort town of Virginia Beach, Virginia, and enjoys nearly everything to do with living near the ocean. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Calvin College, and finds her degree applicable for most everything, from work to play and especially including being a mom. Darcy loves that EYES IN™ gives her the opportunity to keep up with the latest innovations in design, tech, and travel and enjoys poring over the arts articles. When not caught up in the rush of work and family, Darcy daydreams about a little house, a couple of dogs, and raising bees someday.
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