BloodSTOP is a Revolutionary Way to Save Your Life

LifeScience Plus is a biotech company that has developed an innovative, life-saving product that every family should have in their first-aid kit, especially when on the go. BloodSTOP is a product that stops bleeding, prevents blood loss, and seals even serious wounds better than any other in existence.

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BloodSTOP is an Essential Product That can Stop Bleeding

Family vacations, road trips, camping adventures, and outdoor fun are what make summer "summer." When you and your family are on the move, scrapes and cuts can slow you down and get in the way of summer fun. Having BloodSTOP on hand not only keeps you and your family moving, but also gives you peace of mind, knowing you're fully prepared when on the go. BloodSTOP is an absolute must-have addition to every family's first-aid kit and is available at major drug stores nationwide (e.g., CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, Amazon, and more). Initially developed for use by surgeons in the operating room, BloodSTOP is proven to stop bleeding faster and promote healing far better than traditional bandages and other blood coagulating products.

BloodSTOP's effectiveness, efficiency, and simplicity has made it the go-to product for many emergency workers, medics, firefighters, police forces, and parents alike. It is a groundbreaking product with a multitude of applications and the ability to actually save lives. BloodSTOP is a biocompatible, non-irritating, hemostatic agent which resembles traditional gauze. Using a proprietary formulation, regenerated cotton cellulose is etherified and oxidized to make a water-soluble, hemostatic matrix. Its composition provides certain advantages for natural rapid hemostasis as well as patient comfort and improved wound management when compared with traditional adhesive bandages, sprays, chemical powder, or animal-based products.

How it Works

When applied to a wound, BloodSTOP quickly absorbs blood and other body fluids, transforms into a gel to seal the wound with a protective transparent layer, actively aids in blood coagulation, and creates an environment for wound healing. Easy to use Acts fast No animal-derived material Active bleeding control over traditional gauzes Painless upon application and removal Water soluble for easy removal without disruption to wound surface Adheres to the wound without the discomfort of adhesives Easy to cut, pack or layer to fit the wound Safe for all age groups Single use sterile packaging, several sizes Biodegradable

About LifeScience PLUS Inc.

LifeScience PLUS Inc. is a medical device company committed to developing and marketing innovative next generation wound care technologies. Through its proprietary line of BloodSTOP and BloodSTOP iX wound care products, LifeScience PLUS has created a unique and revolutionary hemostatic gauze that when properly applied will stop further bleeding by aiding in blood coagulation, and covering the wound so that it can be easily monitored. Made of natural cellulose plant fiber, BloodSTOP seals the wound quickly without irritating the wound area, allowing the healing process to begin. BloodSTOP products not only assist medical professionals in administering wound care effectively, but also help provide an improved recovery experience for the patient.

Global Wound Care Market Growth [IMS Data]

The total global wound care market (both OTC and medical professional sales) is estimated to be $14 billion and growing. Broadly speaking, the market could be separated into the following categories: Wound Management Products and Services Moist Wound Healing Dressings Wound Closure Products Biological Skins and Dressings The hemostasis portion of the wound closure market grew from $300M in 2002 to $700M in 2007 and is expected to have double-digit growth through 2010. Already in wound closure, LSP will further seek to compete in the wound management and wound healing markets.

Regulatory Approvals

LifeScience PLUS has secured the FDA 510K market clearance for surface wound usage in both prescription and OTC markets. Both BloodSTOP and BloodSTOP iX have secured CE credentials for the products in European Union markets as well as 80 additional countries worldwide. Additionally, BloodSTOP iX has CE certification for internal, surgical use in the EU.


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